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Whether we are involved from start to finish, or just on certain phases, we know you'll be grateful for The Studio Scale touch.

Interior Design

Within the interior design phase, we are able to specify all soft furnishings to your taste.  Anything from sofa's, coffee tables, curtains to cushions.

We can help you source items from both the well known retailers and bespoke manufacturers.  We are even able to create bespoke pieces to match your budget. The key is in the details.

Graphic Design

For some projects you will need a holistic design approach.  For example for some companies, we have even designed logos, and all graphic materials, so that when we design the spaces, we can ensure the design and colours are cohesive with the company branding and ethos.

Charrette Services

The creative process at the beginning of a project will inevitable affect the final outcome.  Therefore  we offer a charrette services to clarify the many variations available to find the best solution. 

At this stage we will discuss the scope of the project and give you tailored ideas to think about.  We believe our input will give you a perspective you have not thought about.

Architecture & Project Management

With both architectural and interior architecture services, we will confirm design and layout of your project, including all services and specifications.

If we are not the lead designers, we are still able to offer project management services.  You will be able to consolidate all the works so that we are your one point of contact.

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